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Jean-Charles Perino, Co-Founder, Executive Vice-President

La Compagnie – XL Airways

Rudy, Robert & Mary have talked a number of times about La Compagnie, the French low-cost, all-business airline.  They fly between the U.S. and France via EWR-CDG, in Boeing 757-200 jets with just 74 lie-flat seats.  And their business-class fares are comparable to some coach fares from other airlines!  The company recently merged with another French low-cost operator, XL Airways, to form an operation with over 800 employees, serving destinations such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles & San Francisco in the U.S., as well as others in Europe, Israel, Mexico and Caribbean, and the West Indies.  Jean-Charles Perino shared the latest on what stimulated the marriage, and what’s ahead for the carriers.