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Pokemon Go @ Work or While Traveling

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What’s behind Pokemon Go at work? Simple: ‘Work is boring. Games aren’t.’

A group of young women fall laughing and talking excitedly into a trendy office in Midtown Manhattan, constantly glancing at the smartphones in their hands.

“You really should go down to the Bryant Park fountain,” says one. “It’s so easy to catch a Golbat there.’”

Two other women grab their phones and head out.  It’s all part of a day’s work at social media marketing agency Socialfly. “Pokémon GO has really boosted office morale,” says Stephanie Cartin, co-founder of the four-year-old start-up which currently has 12 employees, who happen to all be women.

“It’s the only game they’re playing,” says Cartin. “We don’t mind them playing in the office. They work hard and they get their jobs done. And we’ve had brainstorming sessions to help clients successfully incorporate Pokémon characters into their marketing.”

Although Pokémon GO only invaded the world’s offices at the start of the summer, incorporating games into work goes back a while. Way back. Evidence from graffiti that ancient Egyptian workers turned pyramid-building into a sport, according to Ethan Mollick, assistant professor of management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in the US.

“They divided into teams with names like the Drunkards of Menkaure and they’d compete with each other to see who could put up the most blocks,” he says. “They’d get extra beer if they won.”

Games, it seems, have long been used to add incentives and make work more interesting.

Mollick says augmented reality is almost the ultimate goal of what’s known as ‘gamification’. That is: “Work is boring. Games aren’t boring. So let’s make work more like a game.”

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