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Travel Minute — Why You Want To Have a Baby On a Plane

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Cebu Pacific logoLast month there was a heartwarming story about a baby girl who was born five weeks earlier than expected during a flight from Dubai to Manila.

Make a note of this: There could be a big advantage, travel-wise, being born in flight aboard a commercial aircraft.

Baby Haven was born during an eight-hour flight aboard Cebu Pacific. Fortunately, there were two nurses aboard, and both mother and baby came through the situation just fine. 

In Baby Haven’s honor, Cebu Pacific gifted her with a million frequent flyer miles.  The points don’t expire, and they can be used by her family members.  Which made me wonder if her family members might use all the miles before Haven is old enough to realize she ever had any miles in the first place?

But I digress.

Cebu Pacific isn’t the first airline to celebrate the birth of a baby on a plane in the air.  Some Asian carriers, including Thai Airways, have granted free flying privileges for life to in-the-air newborns. 

That’s a pretty sweet deal.  Those million miles Haven received are worth about $109,000 in airline tickets.  Imagine the value of a lifetime free ticket on an international carrier to a future traveler.