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Destination Spotlight 52: Missoula

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Barbara Neilan, Executive Director
Visit Missoula

In the latest installment of our popular travel series, designed to showcase lesser known areas worthy of your travel dollars, for “Destination Spotlight #52” we turned our focus to the western lands of Montana.  Located in the 41st State in our Nation, admitted to the Union in 1889 — Missoula is a vibrant college town that’s home to The University of Montana.  But it certainly offers a lot more year round from an array of outdoor activities and spectacular gems of nature, to a lively arts and cultural scene, fun food trucks and diverse local food offerings, many breweries, new water parks, a host of B&B’s, campgrounds and hotels, mountain biking, the ability to walk the Lewis & Clark Trail and more.  On 14 September 2019, Missoula’s Executive Director of Tourism, Barb Neilan, joined us to share why she wants listeners of RMWorldTravel to come say hello.  You can hear the full interview that ran across our national network of 410+ affiliates, now archived on our website here …