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Travel Minute — A New Twist in Hiding Valuables

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We all know about money belts and fanny packs as places to hide money, passports, and other valuables. Unfortunately, so do thieves. Here’s a better idea.

After Johanna Denize was pickpocketed three times, she figured there must be a better way to protect her valuables while traveling around the world. The result is a line of attractive, functional, and sneaky clothing that allows you to stash cash and other stuff in a new way that should prevent the bad guys from winning.

Her company, called Clever Travel Companion, makes boys shorts for women, underwear for men, and a few tops—all in bright colors but with discrete, zippered pockets tucked in unexpected places. They may be easily hand washed and hung to dry in a hotel room, making them great for travelers.

I spoke with Denize recently on my weekend radio show, and she suggested you not tuck all your valuables away. She keeps $20 or $50 and an expired or worthless credit card in her regular pockets. That way, if she gets held up, she has something to offer a thief who presumably will be satisfied with the score.