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Gloria Guevara Manzo

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Listen to ‘Chief Travel Leader’ Gloria Guevara Manzo – 4 Apr 20

Listen to ‘Chief Travel Leader’ Gloria Guevara Manzo – 28 Apr 18

Gloria Guevara Manzo, Chief Executive Officer
World Travel & Tourism Council

The World Travel & Tourism Council was created back in 1990 by a group of Travel Industry and Tourism Chief Executives, and today it includes over 150 CEO’s from the world’s leading travel companies as its members.  It’s the only global organization that brings together all the major players in the travel world, enabling them to speak with one voice to governments and international bodies.

As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues its dramatic impact on the travel and hospitality industries, to get a global perspective on the crisis and thoughts on the future, we invited the WTTC’s CEO Gloria Guevara Manzo back on to our program to share a report and offer her perspectives and insight.  To hear the full conversation that aired across the 415+ affiliates nationwide airing America’s #1 Travel Radio Show on April 4th 2020, for our exclusive “Chief Travel Leader” episode, simply click the play arrow below to access the now archived audio from RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa …


The new CEO of the WTTC is Gloria Guevara Manzo, the former Minister of Tourism for Mexico, and for the live national broadcast of RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa on 28 April 2018, she joined us for the latest episode of our exclusive “Chief Travel Leader” series for a wide-ranging discussion covering many areas of the travel world.

To hear our insightful conversation, access it here ….