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Jai Ferrell and Ivar Satero

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“Personal Connection” Series – Jai Ferrell and Ivar Satero

Ivar Satero and Jai Ferrell

Whether you’re a frequent traveler and road-warrior, an occasional traveler or an infrequent traveler — we all have our own connections to airports.  Some of us love them and spend a good deal of our lives there, others see them strictly as a way to get from Point A to Point B.  But airports are more than transit hubs, they’re in many ways unique communities and in some cases more like small cities.  When the Coronavirus hit, our airport experiences substantially changed — and now as the country (and world) works to rebound from the pandemic — for our latest “Personal Connection”  segment of America’s #1 Travel Radio Show, we decided to check-in on two of the country’s most popular airports to see how they’re doing and to get a read on what’s ahead.  During our live broadcast of RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa on 5 June 2021, Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s Assistant GM Jai Ferrell as well as San Francisco International Airport’s General Manager Ivar Satero joined us to discuss their respective airports.  You can hear the full interview that aired across the nation on our 470+ weekly affiliates, and has been archived here for you by simply clicking on the play arrow below this text …