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“Personal Connection” Series – Joe & Margrit Fahan

Joe and Margrit Fahan, Airline Pilots

Since the Coronavirus pandemic has taken grip of America and the world earlier this year, 2020 has certainly not been kind to the aviation sector of the travel world, the airlines and certainly thousands of pilots and flight crews.  As flights were scaled back, many pilots were furloughed by their airline or offered other incentive options.  Joe and Margrit Fahan, who combined have nearly 72 years of flying experience, and often flew together as pilots with Delta Air Lines, were two of the many who agreed to take Delta’s early retirement packages and leave the career they’ve loved for decades.

For Joe and Margrit there will be new chapters ahead for them, but on the 12 December 2020 live broadcast of RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa, now heard on 440+ weekly affiliates across the nation, we invited the “Flying Fahans” to join us and discuss their final flight together back to New York from Milan — talk about their successful years piloting the public and what their new found free time could result in.

You can hear again the full interview that’s been archived from our “Personal Connection” segment of America’s #1 Travel Radio Show by clicking on the play arrow below …