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Mary Latham

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“Personal Connection” Series – Mary Latham

Mary Latham, Road Warrior / Good in People Seeker

It all started for Mary Latham back in 2016 — when sadly she lost her Mom.  To honor her and a frequent message she espoused to Mary about regardless of how bad things may seem — there would always be ‘More Good’ out there to be found — Mary decided to go find ‘More Good’ across America and travel to all 50 states.  She drives her Mom’s old Subaru to keep her close — and her ultimate goals is to put together her collection of the stories she’s collected across America and create a book to be placed in hospital waiting rooms — a place Mary feels signifies lost hope.  With just a few states remaining, during our live broadcast of RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa on 7 September 2019, Mary joined us for our latest “Personal Connection” segment to share specifics about her journey and how travel has impacted her and those she’s encountered.  You can hear the full interview that aired across our network of 410+ affiliates nationwide by clicking on the arrow below …