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Travel Minute — The Prince Estate to Invite Visitors & Nixon Museum Gets Watergate Right

Memorials to two, now-deceased icons of our time—one a musical sensation, another a controversial president—have gotten an upgrade.  And you’re invited.  Beginning October 6th,Read More

Travel Minute — Paris Pleads With Travelers: ‘Please Come Back’

France makes a lot of money from tourism.  Usually.  But it’s been a rough year so far.  Blame it on terrorism in Paris andRead More

Travel Minute — Why You Want To Have a Baby On a Plane

Last month there was a heartwarming story about a baby girl who was born five weeks earlier than expected during a flight from DubaiRead More

Travel Minute — Why Are We Not Excited About Self-Drive Cars?

There’s been a lot of publicity about self-drive cars lately as Uber begins testing self-drive cars in Pittsburgh, and a similar company continues testingRead More

Travel Minute — How Marriott Tracks Your Social Media Posts: Creepy or Great?

In the Washington, DC, suburb of Bethesda, MD, inside the worldwide headquarters of the Marriott Corporation, there’s a control room that monitors the socialRead More

Travel Minute — Traveling With Guns: The Rules

Every day last year, the Transportation Security Administration on average confiscated seven guns in airline passengers’ carry-on bags.  But here’s the thing: You’d thinkRead More

Travel Minute — Should You Dine With Dogs?

This past spring, New York City’s health department issued new rules permitting dogs to accompany their owners at outdoor seating areas at restaurants.  InRead More

Travel Minute — Spam Sushi, Perhaps? One State Fair’s Bizarre Food Offerings

Though I’m not from the state of Minnesota, I’ve lived here for more than a decade.  We didn’t have state fairs in Washington, DC,Read More

Travel Minute — Staying in a World-Class Hotel For Less—Through April 3rd

Not many of us can afford to stay in some of the world’s most luxurious and legendary hotels. But a deal that runs throughRead More

Travel Minute — Are Hotel Elevators the New Hot Spots?

There are trends at hotels when it comes to adding pizzazz to attract guests. Luxurious bedding became de rigueur after Westin introduced its “HeavenlyRead More