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Hon. Jason Isacc

Electric Vehicles…  Do you own one?  Have you rented one?  Sadly in our “Divided States of America” these days, EV’s have become politicized with unachievable agendas being pushed by Big Government policies that are trying to dictate what we’ll be driving instead of what most American’s want to drive.  The facts are full adoption to EV’s is not a recipe for success nor a viable path forward.  The country does not have the infrastructure via our electric grid to support a mass move to EV’s — and the vehicles also weaken our country by making us more dependent on foreign nations for rare earth materials to create the necessary batteries and electronics.

The national media and special interest groups aren’t sharing the realities involving EV’s — but we are.  During our live national broadcast of America’s #1 Travel Radio Show on 2 March 2024, we invited the Honorable Jason Isaac, CEO of the American Energy Institute, to join us for a candid and insightful conversation…

Now that the program has been broadcast via satellite across our national network of now 575 weekly stations airing RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa across the USA, you can hear the interview again by clicking on the play arrow immediately following this text …