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Kristin Francis

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“Personal Connection” Series – Kristin Francis

Kristin Francis, Traveler / Collector

How many of you collect souvenirs and other tchotchkes when you travel?  Perhaps it’s something as simple as a shell or t-shirt or something to post on your refrigerator…  Maybe it’s food or a coffee mug or jewelry?  Some people like to collect wine or art, while for others it’s more eclectic or obscure items… Souvenir’s are personal and in many ways keeps us connected to our travels, and for our latest “Personal Connection” episode of our national travel program, we invited SouvenirFinder Kristin Francis to join us on the 5 October 2019 edition of RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa, and we discussed what makes travelers so passionate about their souvenirs and what they like to collect.  You can hear the full interview that aired across our network of 410+ affiliates nationwide by clicking on the arrow below …