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Richard Aboulafia, Vice President, Analysis at Teal Group / Aviation Week Contributor

During our live broadcast of America’s #1 Travel Radio Show on 16 March 2019, Richard was back to discuss thoughts on the Boeing 737 Max situation, and then we transitioned the conversation into a larger discussion about the end of the jumbo jet age, what’s caused it and the prospects for the future of aviation with large planes.  You can hear the full interview now archived here …

For his 3rd appearance with Robert & Mary on RMWorldTravel, during our live broadcast on 29 September 2018, Richard weighed-in on a number of aviation happenings including an update on the Boeing/Embraer acquisition, progress with the Airbus A220, the decision by airlines to begin investing again in in-flight meals, the challenges facing low-cost international carriers flying to the U.S., and government threats to crack down on unreasonable airline fees.  You can access this diverse interview here …


Richard is becoming a more frequent guest on RMWorldTravel, and we all enjoy his industry knowledge and insight.  Back on our 14 July 2018 broadcast he joined Robert & Mary to discuss the Boeing/Embraer tie-up and it’s impact on the industry, as he was en route to the Farnsbourough Air Show.  You can find that interview under the archived podcasts section of our website.


The modern jetliner has had profound impact on the way we travel, and Boeing has certainly been a leader in designing and manufacturing the planes that shape the way we travel.  Three particular Boeing jetliners have had great influence on our travels, the Boeing 707, Boeing 747 and Boeing 787.  Richard joined Robert & Mary on our 4 November 2017 live broadcast to discuss these 3 pioneering aircraft, as well as other designs that are currently in the works ….