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Blake Lipham

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Listen to ‘Chief Travel Leader’ Blake Lipham

Blake Lipham, Chief Executive Officer
Travelpro & Atlantic Luggage

For nearly 15 years, the luggage we’ve been traveling with is Travelpro — because we enjoy its durability and style.  As the holidays are approaching, since it’s a good time to consider replacing your current luggage or giving it as a gift, we invited Show Friend and the CEO of Travelpro and Atlantic Luggage — Blake Lipham — to join us and share some updates on their new Travelpro Platinum Elite and Maxlite 5 lines, what makes Travelpro different, the rigorous testing their bags must meet and what he believes are some key things all travelers should look for in their luggage.  As Robert, Mary and Rudy have repeatedly said — one of the most important items to ensure a successful trip is quality luggage, and you’ll do none better than Travelpro.  You can access the full interview that aired across our network nationwide of nearly 400 weekly radio stations here …