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“Personal Connection” – Dan Solomon

Dan Solomon, Co-Founder/Director
Minute Suites, LLC

When you travel to airports are you the type who explores the shops, indulges in the restaurants or food outlets, enjoys time in the loyalty lounges or do you tend to sit at the gate and wait for the flight to board?  Do you find getting some downtime for R&R at an airport to be a challenge with all the commotion?  Well, enter Minute Suites…

Currently with 15 locations in 10 different U.S. airports, think of Minute Suites as your own personalized lounge where you can escape the airport hustle/bustle for a respite after clearing security, and a place to relax, recharge or even catch some sleep.  You can even overnight with them too for less than $200!  Whether it’s because of a delayed or canceled flight, a missed connection, having too much time on your hands at the airport or something else — knowing you can go escape to your own personalized suite and have a desk, daybed sofa, TV and more waiting for you can add a positive to your airport experience and travels.

Because we all connect to airports in different ways, during our live national broadcast of America’s #1 Travel Radio Show on 1 June 2024, we invited Co-Founder and Minute Suite Director Dan Solomon to join us live on-air and share some of the company’s history, current operations and offerings, plans for growth and more as part of our latest episode of the “Personal Connection”…

Now that our popular national program has been transmitted via satellite across the USA to our 580 weekly radio stations airing RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa, you can access the audio archive in .mp3 format by simply clicking on the play arrow that follows this text…