Destination Spotlight 27: Providence

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Martha Sheridan, CEO

For the 27th installment of our RMWorldTravel “Destination Spotlight,” we did something a little different, and while the ‘Travel Duo’ of Robert & Mary Carey were attending the Collette Centennial Celebration in the city, they took time to meet with the CEO of GOProvidence and discuss in-person what makes this charming city fun and alluring for travelers.  Providence, Rhode Island is located in the 13th State in our nation, known to many as the Ocean State.  Although it’s the country’s smallest state, this capital city offers excellent culinary options and a thriving arts scene, it’s a city that’s been given new life with technology and youth from its numerous colleges/universities, it features a terrific zoo, and quaint neighborhoods that allow you to step into history without leaving the modern world.  And Newport, Block Island, Watch Hill or other coastal towns are within a short drive.  During the live broadcast of RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa on 23 June 2018, we shared this interview with Martha Sheridan.  Here’s a link to Destination Spotlight #27 …