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Listen to Eric Giuliani – 26 August 2017….
Listen to Eric Giuliani – 6 May 2017….
Listen to Eric Giuliani – 6 August 2016….
Listen to Eric Giuliani – 12 March 2016….

EGiulianiEric Giuliani, World Traveler

Eric Giuliani was living the good life in Miami….he had a good paying job, friends, a nice place to live and a nice car — but it was all hallow to him, so he gave it all up and started traveling the world taking photos, making movies, blogging, and more.  All without getting on an airplane!  From his initial appearance with us on 12 March 2016, we’ve continued to follow his journey, and we think you’ll find his travel story inspirational….

Eric returned to Rudy Maxa’s World with The Careys for an update on 6 August 2016 — Day 700 of his travels.  Here’s that interview —

And on his 3rd check-in, Eric phoned in from Brazil on Day 958 of his journey around the world, without the use of an airplane.  Over his 2 1/2 years he’s certainly seen and experienced a lot, and he filled us in on some of his latest happenings in Antartica and South America during this interview from our broadcast on 6 May 2017 —

After nearly 3 years of traveling the world with the use of an airplane, we caught up with Eric at the conclusion of his journey in Amsterdam, to discuss the impact his travels have had on him, learn some of his most memorable moments from the adventure, and find out what’s ahead for our “Travel Tall” friend.  Here’s that interview —