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“Write-Stuff” Series – Will Grant

Will Grant
Author / Traveler

When you think of the Pony Express you likely think of mail delivery, western expansion of the United States and pioneering new frontiers…  The facts are the Pony Express for all its fanfare ran from Missouri to California, navigating a vast and mostly uninhabited wilderness.  This massive stretch of land wasn’t easy for the men delivering the mail to navigate, or for the horses they used.  For author and traveler Will Grant, he decided to capture the spirit of the West — and in his book “The Last Ride of the Money Express” he shares encounters with farmers, historians, businessmen and others who populate the trail today.  We invited Will to share his travels with us during the live broadcast of RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa on 5 August 2023, and to hear his “Write-Stuff” interview that aired on America’s #1 Travel Radio Show via our now 525+ weekly affiliates across the USA — just click on the play arrow below this text…