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Anne Biging, Chief Executive Officer
Healing Hotels of The World

Health, healing, hotels … all important to regular travelers.  Back in 2006 Anne Biging created Healing Hotels of The World, and today around 100 top hotels and resorts are linked with them around the globe.  With over 250 essential points of criteria required of locations to be in the collection, each property is committed to bringing holistic healing environments to travelers, ensuring a comprehensive approach to wellbeing that serves the body, mind and soul…

We first connected with Anne back in 2017, and certainly a lot has changed in the world and the world of travel since, so during our live national broadcast of America’s #1 Travel Radio Show on 15 April 2023 we decided to check-in and get an update on how Healing Hotels of The World has endured the pandemic, get a read on current happenings with their operations and expectations moving forward.

To hear the full interview that aired across the USA via our national network of now 510+ weekly affiliates, who broadcast RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa, simply click on the play arrow immediately following this text …