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“Personal Connection” Series – Dr. Ben LaBrot

Dr. Ben LaBrot
Founder & CEO
Floating Doctors

How often when you travel do you do something impromptu or take a suggestion from someone to go somewhere not on the itinerary and it has an impact on your life?  Well Dr. Ben LaBrot’s life changed forever while he was traveling on a personal trip in Tanzania, and his guide suggested they checkout a nearby village.  The power of travel totally transformed his life from that moment forward — giving him a new direction that has led to the lives of many others being subsequently changed forever as well.  For our latest “Personal Connection” series episode on 2 February 2019, Dr. Ben joined us on-air to share his travel story and what lead to the creation of Floating Doctors, that you can also now go be a part of if interested.  You can hear the full RMWorldTravel interview now archived here —