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“Personal Connection” Series – Dr. Ben LaBrot – 18 Jun 2022

“Personal Connection” Series – Dr. Ben LaBrot – 2 Feb 2019

Dr. Ben LaBrot
Founder & CEO
Floating Doctors

1232 days have passed since we last connected with Dr. Ben LaBrot to hear about the impact he and his team are having on impoverished, underserved and remote communities around the world.  For our live broadcast of RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa on 18 June 2022, we decided to change that and for the latest 10 minute “Personal Connection” segment and a check-in with Ben.  When you think about the world in February 2019 and compare it to where we are today — and all that we’ve come through — the pandemic and many other factors have impacted the navigation of his mission.  To hear the update and our full conversation that aired across the 485+ weekly stations airing America’s #1 Travel Radio Show, simply click on the play arrow immediately below this text to access the archive.


How often when you travel do you do something impromptu or take a suggestion from someone to go somewhere not on the itinerary and it has an impact on your life?  Well Dr. Ben LaBrot’s life changed forever while he was traveling on a personal trip in Tanzania, and his guide suggested they checkout a nearby village.  The power of travel totally transformed his life from that moment forward — giving him a new direction that has led to the lives of many others being subsequently changed forever as well.  For our latest “Personal Connection” series episode on 2 February 2019, Dr. Ben joined us on-air to share his travel story and what lead to the creation of Floating Doctors, that you can also now go be a part of if interested.  You can hear the full RMWorldTravel interview now archived here —