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Listen to Kyle Mabry – 14 August 2021

Kyle Mabry, Vice-President Global Sales
American Airlines

Listeners of America’s #1 Travel Radio Show know that our main hosts Robert & Mary Carey consistently attract top executives and guests from all areas of the travel world, and their style is to go straight to the source for the answers they seek rather than feed narratives or push agendas so prevalent in the national media.  The Careys are always conversational in nature with their guests while never recycling talking points or offering rehearsed questions.  This approach is all part of our commitment to educate, entice and empower travelers to go experience the world!

Coming off our successful Stop #4 on RMWorldTravel’s big “Let’s Go America! Tour” in Chicago back on 7 August 2021 that included a check-in with United Airlines, for our live remote broadcast on 14 August 2021 we invited American Airlines VP of Global Sales — Kyle Mabry — to jump aboard with us and share some up-to-the-minute insights into AA’s current operations, expectations for the return of business travel and overall air travel post-Labor Day, as well as a host of other items

You can hear the full interview that aired across the now 480+ weekly affiliates airing RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa, immediately following this text by simply clicking on the play arrow …