Lillian Rafson

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“Personal Connection” – Lillian Rafson

Lillian Rafson, Founder/CEO
Pack Up + Go

Do you like surprises?  What was the biggest surprise you’ve ever received?  For Lillian Rafson, being raised in an entrepreneurial family her observations were heightened to recognize opportunity so when she noticed there was no meaningful company involved in “Surprise Travel” here in the United States, after doing some due diligence — at age 23 with no experience in travel — she decided to take a risk and make it happen.

Today her company, Pack Up + Go has sent over 43,000 travelers to more than 300 destinations around the U.S. — creating curated Surprise Travel experiences that are unknown to the respective travelers until their actual day of travel.  Fun!

Enjoying the entrepreneurial successes that we have over the years, we truly love stories like Lillian’s and when they connect to travel we try to share them with our show fans/followers.  What added to this “Personal Connection” beyond the personal business Lillian created and how her company has connected with so many travelers is we met her in-laws and spent time with them during our big “Let’s Go America! Tour” – United Kingdom that included the Expedition Cruise aboard the Seabourn Venture in April.

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