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Sharon Wheatley

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“Write-Stuff” Series – Sharon Wheatley

Sharon Wheatley
Actress / Adventurer

When the pandemic washed over society and the world went into shutdown mode, Actress Sharon Wheatley, who is part of the hit Broadway production “Come From Away,” decided it was time to travel.  So she hit the road with her family, but they did it as first-time RV’ers!  Her travel story, “Drive” involves the challenges, good times, determination and memories she and her family, and their pets created as they experienced America.   During our 7 May 2022 live national broadcast of RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa, we invited Sharon aboard to discuss some of what she encountered during the latest “Write-Stuff” segment of the show.  To hear the interview that was broadcast across our 480+ weekly affiliates airing America’s #1 Travel Radio Show again now — just click on the play arrow below this text…